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Socomec’s Series Of Six Webinars: all you need to know about Transfer Switches

webinarLeading independent manufacturer Socomec has launched a series of webinars covering the essential applications and requirements for switching between electrical supplies to ensure critical power availability.

Subscribing to these webinars will allow you to understand the fundamental standards and ultimately determine the best architecture and systems to use and gain access to download specifications and design guides from Socomec.

Webinar #1 ‘Why do I need a Transfer Switch’ was held at the beginning of the month and Alex Metcalfe highlights the consequences of power failure and introduces the critical loads that require high levels of power availability to meet international and local installation standards.

In the second episode, ‘What is Transfer Switching Equipment’ you will understand the many different types of switches and that from one project to another the needs could be different and that you need to choose the most suitable solution for different applications.

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Webinar #1 Why do I need a Transfer Switch?
Webinar #2 What is a Transfer Switch?

To come in 2020

Webinar #3 TSE Architecture - Reliable design for installations
Webinar #4 Selecting the right TSE - Criticality and sensitivity of a load
Webinar #5 TSE Reliability - Product standards and installation rules
Webinar #6 Step into the future – Latest trends in TSE Technology


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