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Eaton Provides Unrivalled Versatility in MV Switchgear

Eaton Xiria EEaton has launched an extendable single panel version of its Xiria switchgear range for Medium Voltage (MV) distribution networks called Xiria E.

The Xiria E has been specifically developed for distribution substations for utilities and larger commercial and industrial applications, and enables easy and economical MV switchgear configuration to meet the user’s exact requirements

Eaton has increased the flexibility of the Xiria product family by adding modular extendable panel versions with the possibility of a low-voltage top compartment for secondary control equipment. With the Xiria E, Eaton adds a single panel version to the current Xiria block-type switchgear. The modular single panel can be extended with a simple coupling connection offering maximum flexibility and enabling easy future extension of secondary switchgear systems. Xiria switchgear is suitable for applications up to 24kV and is currently available as two-, three-, four- or five-panel block-configurations.

There are two basic panel versions in the Xiria product family: a vacuum load-break switch for ring cable connections up to 630 A and a vacuum circuit-breaker for protecting transformers and cable connections up to 630 A. Xiria E is available for both of these and can be configured in any desired combination and sequence. For power consumption metering a special metering panel has been developed that can be connected to the current block type switchgear and the new single panel Xiria E.

Xiria switchgear is designed around Eaton’s proven vacuum interrupters which require no maintenance and are certified for 30,000 operation cycles. With the development of the
Xiria E, a circuit-breaker with rated normal current of 630A at 24kilovolt has also been introduced in the block-type and single panel versions. This breaker type is tested for a rated short-time to withstand currents of 20kA for 3 seconds.

All live parts in the available panels are single pole insulated. The materials used are shaped specifically to provide optimum insulation characteristics combined with excellent thermal characteristics. In addition, the insulation is configured to provide effective control over electric fields around the used components, thereby minimising any risk of internal arcing.

The use of vacuum interrupters and solid insulation means that the Xiria family is environmentally friendly. These technologies ensure that this system is a conservational alternative to switchgear systems using Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas for insulation. The cost of ownership is also significantly reduced as no regular testing of gas pressure or other routine maintenance is needed and there is no high end-of-life disposal costs associated with ultimately disposing of the equipment.

With panel dimensions of only 350 mm width (block-type) and 500 mm width (Extendable version) and a provision for cable connection from the front, the Xiria system is economical in its use of valuable floor space, and easy to accommodate in even the most restricted environments. For locations where it is not possible to exhaust an internal arc into the cellar, the Xiria system has the possibility to exhaust into the room via a special chimney with integrated arc absorbers.

When it comes to the safety of the operating personnel the Xiria design leaves nothing to chance. All parts are fully enclosed by an internal arc tested safe metal housing. The panels in the Xiria family also offer direct visible indication of the integrated earthing and ON/OFF position by means of inspection windows in the front.

Xiria E is an extension to the successful Eaton product family MMS (double busbar switchgear), Power Xpert® UX (withdrawable switchgear), W-VACi (vacuum circuit breakers) and Power Xpert® FMX (demountable plug in switchgear). In combination with Eaton's low voltage switchgear, busbar systems, UPS products, project management and service capabilities, the Xiria E can be part of a state of the art complete solution.

The design makes the Xiria E system especially suitable for applications where a reliable, safe, economic and clean environment is necessary.

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