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Lewden Palazzoli’s FS6380100 Metalclad Fuse Switch Is Simply The Best

100A DP Metal Fused SwitchLewden Palazzoli’s 100 Amp DP Metalclad fused switch is ideal for use in a variety of commercial & domestic applications.

The unit is now available with five modules for even better heat dissipation with superior performance and are supplied with 63, 80, and 100A gG European fuses and fuse holders (IEC 60269-2 compliant).

The fused switches are enclosed in metal for sub-main circuit installations or additions and feature AC21 switching of resistive loads, large 25mm and 32mm knockouts top and bottom as standard, earth bond to lid and designated easy earth terminal connection. They have a high quality, robust steel construction with extra height and space 235mm x 87mm x 250mm to make wiring simpler and a lockable mains switch option.

Lewden Palazzoli’s 100 Amp DP Metalclad fused switches are fully rated to 100 A and fully tested and compliant with BS EN 61439-3.


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