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ATyS The World’s Most Robust And Reliable Switching Solutions From Socomec

ATySATyS p and ATyS p M – automatic switching solutions from Socomec combine safety with performance – with remote monitoring functionality on a Webserver through Ethernet communication.

Automatic switching solutions – engineered to safeguard critical power supplies.
Socomec’s ATyS automatic transfer switching range monitor the supply to a critical system and, in the case of failure or instability, safely manage the transfer to an alternate source.

Identified as being the most advanced and reliable Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE) available today, Socomec’s load-break switching solutions provide robust, cohesive support to critical applications and infrastructure and are deployed in the most demanding operating environments around the world.

These rapid transfer source changeover solutions guarantee power - reducing blackout downtime costs – and have been designed for ease of installation, to be maintenance free and to optimize floor space.

The entire ATyS range has been engineered for optimized safety and performance; in the event of an emergency, ATyS switches can be controlled quickly, easily and safely using an emergency handle.

Furthermore, because the ATyS p and ATyS p M have been specifically designed for installations where the product is enclosed, a remote control interface displays product status information on the front panel (D10) or displays and controls with access to programming (D20).
By integrating power switching and controls within one product, the Socomec ATyS range delivers optimum performance whilst being quick and simple to integrate within an existing building management system, DCIM or industrial SCADA software, in order to facilitate the live monitoring of critical systems

ATyS p: the market’s most reliable transfer switching technology and communications software
ATyS pATyS p three-phase automatic transfer switches – 3 or 4 poles, with positive break indication – are based on the proven ATyS technology with additional functionality in terms of power management and communication.

In automatic mode they enable the monitoring of – and the on-load transfer switching between – two power supply sources. Timestamped event recording means that events can be retrieved and read via the communication system.

Ideal for use in low voltage power supply systems, where a brief interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer, ATyS p solutions are particularly suited to energy management and monitoring applications. In addition to their integrated power and energy measurement functions, programmable inputs / outputs can be utilized to perform load shedding based on a load level or tariff.

Simple configuration software – Easyconfig – reduces the time spent on configuration and allows the existing configuration to be saved and used on other devices. Parameters such as type of application, voltage and frequency thresholds, timer values, inputs and outputs can all be configured easily.

Further optional communications modules can be deployed – such as the RS485 for Modbus communication, or the Ethernet module which includes a Webserver, allowing the ATyS p to be accessed via a web browser. The benefits of this communication include a product status display (product position and source status), the display of voltage measurements and configured parameters as well as access to the event log.

Maintenance of the ATyS p is simple – with additional functions including a programmed genset exerciser function, allowing the starting dates and operating times to be configured.

Furthermore, ATyS solutions provide continuous information on product availability via the Watchdog relay. Guaranteeing the operability of the product, this relay informs the operator of the capacity of the product to switch correctly following a remote or automatic order.
All ATYS product versions are designed and tested in accordance with standard IEC 60947-6-1, the international standard for transfer switches, ensuring optimum performance and operating features.

ATyS p M: the latest technology in a modular solution
ATyS p MAlso available as a modular DIN-rail mountable option – from 40 to 160 A – the ATyS p M combines the flexible programming, communication and configuration features of the ATyS p with the robustness and compactness of the ATyS M.

Easy to install, the ATyS M comprises two switching devices mounted side by side with easy access to cabling, with installation in a standard 18 module enclosure, mounted on a DIN rail or mounting plate. The wiring is simplified thanks to cage terminals and a dedicated bridging bar that allows the creation of a common outgoing connection whilst retaining the cage terminal connections.

As with the ATyS p, the ATyS p M enables the fine-tuning of all key parameters via Socomec’s Easy Config Software (downloadable on the website), in order to develop an operating cycle uniquely adapted for the network.

A specific version of the ATyS p M is also available with integrated MODBUS communication which provides access to product data including status, voltages and frequencies.

A function for transferring the load to the 0 position – in case of the loss of both power supply sources – protects the load from the impact of source instability.

As with all ATyS solutions, the three stable positions allow energy consumption to be minimized whilst ensuring maximum immunity to electrical network disturbances, making this a totally robust and reliable solution.

To benefit from the latest developments in switching technology and communications software – and to guarantee operator safety and continuity of power supply.


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