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Simple And Precise Power Measurement From Phoenix Contact

power measurementThe standard parameters for detecting energy and performance data are pre-set to facilitate easy start-up. If necessary, these parameters can be changed using PDI objects.

For many use cases, voltages up to 400 V/690 V and phase currents and a neutral conductor current of up to 5 A can be directly connected without a transducer. If this is not sufficient, external transducers are added to expand the measuring ranges. The measured values are used to calculate values such as the active power, reactive power and apparent power and energy. In addition, S0 pulses are available. The grid quality can be analysed based on the harmonics that are determined (THD).

This makes it easy to localize disturbance sources. The Axioline F housing concept, in conjunction with secure electrical isolation, enables installation of the power measurement module without additional measures for isolating the adjacent I/O modules. The I/O system supports all popular Ethernet-based network protocols and is fast, robust, and easy to install.


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