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Iberdrola Using SACI Transformers As Part Of The STAR Project Support Infrastructure

saci split core trxSACI´s transformers are being integrated into Iberdrola’s support infrastructure to upgrade and digitalize its distribution network.

The ongoing project is to transform the existing network into an intelligent infrastructure. Part of the project has been to improve the efficiency of the network, optimise demand management and promote the integration of more renewable energies. In doing all of this it is also helping to decarbonise the economy by providing a more efficient network. To date over 1 million smart meters have been installed in the UK.

The SACI transformers that are being integrated into the support infrastructure include the TA split core range, the TUxxPS narrow profile range and also the TA40Rx resin encased range for areas where a greater corrosion protection is needed.

The transformers are being used primarily in the substations to ensure reliable and accurate data readings by the Smart meters.