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The Future Of Power Monitoring- Simplicity And Performance With Your Digital Assistant

meter selector with digiwarThe DIRIS Digiware system is a hub of technological innovations that revolutionises the world of electrical measurement, bringing a high degree of flexibility to installations and making connection and configuration easy.

Easy DIRIS Digiware configuration for AC and DC electrical installations

With over 1000 projects saved from 60 regular users, Socomec’s Digital Assistant makes the configuration of your energy projects easier to manage. By registering for an account you can save designs, export designs to Excel and obtain pricing for your system.

meter selectorUsing the Socomec Meter Selector helps you find the best DIRIS Digiware configuration for your energy performance projects.

• Fill in the characteristics of your electrical installation
• Customise your measurement system
• Download the fully illustrated costed equipment list
• Save and archive your projects in your personal account

Get access to even more configurations

Recently updated you can get access now to the following new products:

> DIRIS Digiware D-70, control interface and communication gateway with embedded web server
> DIRIS Digiware IO, digital and analogue input/output module

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