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Industry 4.0 Unplugged by REO

Reovib BK032Industry 4.0 is a big concept and a hugely popular buzzword across manufacturing. It originated at the Hanover Messe a couple of years ago, when Siemens defined it as the computerisation of manufacturing, including transition to higher levels of interconnectivity, smarter plants and communication between equipment.

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Trumeter Launch New Websites

Trumeter WebsitesWorldwide design and manufacturing company, Trumeter, are pleased to announce the launch of 4 new websites including a new Corporate website, and three associated product websites showcasing Trumeters’ diverse markets, ranging from Advanced Panel Meters, Control and Measurement products, Custom Products and LED Lighting.

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You Can’t Get Faster Than A Quick-fit Meter

EM270 quick-fit meterCarlo Gavazzi has launched its latest energy meter which speeds up installation time dramatically when compared to existing methods thanks to its innovative features which allow a 3 phase energy meter and its current transformers to be installed 5-10 times faster.

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