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TLA Saved The Day

TLA race to the rescueTLA, the Midlands based Specialist Electrical Distribution Company came to the rescue when a Panel Building company called them, in desperate search for a vital part.

A new customers early experience of TLA was to be both totally surprized but highly delighted at the diversity of stock available; thankfully the component that he could not find in stock anywhere else in the UK; including the original manufacturer, was available from TLA’s Nottingham Branch. TLA also made a special delivery to meet the Senior Design Engineer whose team desperately needed the part to complete and handover a very large switchgear system. The company where the new switchgear system was being installed was losing money every minute that section of their plant was closed.

Even though the value of the illusive part was under £100, the value of the contract was well over £100,000, and without the part the panel builders would not have been able to handover the project.

A spokesperson for the company, which did not want to be named, said the firm was grateful to TLA for solving the problem. “Once we’d located the part, it’s was like TLA riding to the rescue with a cape on and saving the day!”

TLA Managing Director, Dean Curtis said, “The customer in question didn’t normally buy this brand from us; he only tried us because they were desperate and the manufacturer had no stock, nor did his regular distributor.”

“This service is not an unusual occurrence for us because of the huge strength and variety we have in stock holding. We often find that where once we were the distributor of last resort, we are now the first port of call for many UK & European Design Engineers and Panel builders.

Our message to industry, both large and small, whether near or far, is, come and talk to us and see how we can help you.”

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