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Mobile Thermal Transfer Printer For Creating Markings Directly On Site

thermomark goThe new handy Thermomark GO thermal transfer printer from Phoenix Contact allows you to create markings flexibly, anywhere, and at any time.

In combination with the MARKING system app, you can create on-site industrial identification labels using the mobile label printer. The markings are designed easily in the app on a smart device and transmitted to the printer.

The printer is controlled via wireless interfaces to the smart device. The compatible interfaces include Bluetooth, NFC, and USB connection. The app guides the user clearly and intuitively through the entire marking process.

The thermal transfer printer can be used for a broad range of applications, both in indoor and outdoor installations. Pre-punched labels and continuous materials ensure greater flexibility. Materials are available in standardised cassette systems. The maximum print width is 24 mm, the print resolution is 203 dpi. The printer, weighing just 600 grams, uses thermal transfer printing technology.


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