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Efficient Laser Marker From Phoenix Contact

Topmark NEO laserThe Topmark NEO laser marker from Phoenix Contact redefines laser marking: with compact dimensions and easy operation via the integrated colour touch display, it creates particularly robust and high-quality industrial markings.

And it works with particular efficiency. Equipped with a 20 W laser and an automatic stacking and unstacking function, the laser marker processes up to 250 labels per minute. Over 650 different markers made of stainless steel, aluminium, Transply-ABS, polyacrylic, and polycarbonate are available. The marking is either engraved, carbonised, or tempered. Thus, particularly resistant markings are created for applications in extreme environmental conditions.

The printing data is entered directly at the device via the integrated marking software. The touch display also shows instruction videos for start-up, as well as maintenance and operating instructions. The laser marker can also be controlled using the Project Complete planning and marking software. All of the laser parameters are already saved in this program and the laser does not have to be set up separately.

The extraction unit, that can be purchased separately, guarantees environmentally-friendly marking. It cleans the air in the marking area of vapours and particles, and returns the cleaned air directly to the surroundings. Thus, laser marking does not impair the working environment.


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