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BRADY, More Efficiency With Automated Cable Identification

Wraptor A6500 Black10 seconds faster per cable Cable sleeves and wraparound labels can be applied up to 10 seconds faster with Brady's automated cable identification solutions.

The Wraptor A6500 can print and wrap a label around a cable in 5 seconds, saving time in cable production when traceability and identification requirements need to be met. If you identify cables with sleeves, Brady can offer the BSP45 Automated Sleeve Applicator to remove sleeves from their liner and apply them on a cable by activating a foot pedal. Sleeves can be printed with great accuracy and precision using the BradyPrinter i7100 or with the BBP72 Sleeve Printer to print both sleeve sides simultaneously.

Great reliability Dedicated wraparound labels and sleeves are available for maximum reliability when using Brady's automated identification solutions. The labels and sleeves themselves are of great quality and can resist challenging industrial environments. The B-472 self-laminating vinyl label offers abrasion, fuel, oil and outdoor resistance and comes in a wide range of colours, and the B-499 nylon cloth wraparound label adds dirt, heat, cold and chemical resistance. Both these labels work seamlessly with the Wraptor A6500. For the BSP45 Sleeve Applicator, Brady recommends its B-342, B-7646 and B-7641 sleeves which include diesel resistant or low smoke zero halogen properties. All identification materials have been tested using standard ASTM test methods for optimal reliability. Technical data sheets are available from Brady's website.

Outstanding support Easy label and sleeve design support is available via Brady Workstation apps that come with a 30 day free trial period. Simply select the apps you need after trying them. Features include adding text, symbols, serialisation, barcoding and much more. Brady also offers great technical support via customisable service agreements which can include on-site installation and setup of solutions, preventive maintenance, training and fast response on top of a standard 1 year warranty.


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