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Industrial Marking Whenever You Want, Wherever You Want

Thermomark PrimeIndustrial marking is something that’s always been a necessity in the electrical world for safety, fault finding, testing and generally making identification easier. With that said it can be a laborious task hand typing markers from scratch and especially if you’re on site and need more markers unexpectedly. That’s where Phoenix Contact can help.

The Thermomark Prime is the first marking system from Phoenix Contact which allows you to print not only from the Project Complete software on your PC but also directly from the printer itself using the 7 inch android touchscreen. You can design your markers from scratch on the printer without the need for a PC and what’s more is that there’s a battery on board meaning you don’t need to find a power supply on site. To add to its efficiency, you can also save all your print jobs from your PC onto a USB stick and then save them straight onto the printer itself. The Thermomark Prime allows you to print terminal markers for most manufacturers’ terminals, device markers, system markers, cable markers, wire markers, push-button markers and many more.

The Thermomark Prime uses thermal transfer technology to print the markers and therefore comes out of the printer cold, dry and ready to install…plus it only takes up to 8 seconds to print a fully loaded marker card.

Taking a step into our smart future you can also download the Phoenix Contact Marking System App for Android and Apple devices where you can scan Phoenix Contact products with the camera and select the correct markers for it and much more.

There’s not much that you cannot mark in a control cabinet or machine with a Thermomark Prime.


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