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Weidmüller Tool Chest With Variable Tool Inserts

Tool Chest InlaysTime-savings through standardisation of workstations – Three-part foam inserts for application-specific drawer layouts – Labelling fields with QR codes for quick identification of missing parts – Option to extend with add-on parts

Increased efficiency and process optimisation are buzzwords that are usually associated with digitalisation and automation. There is a tendency here for classic workstations to be left unnoticed. This means that there is potential for improvement in areas such as panel building, which – for the foreseeable future – will continue to require a great deal of manual work. This is why Weidmüller has developed a tool chest especially for panel building that is based on the 5S and Lean principles for work organisation.

Each item in the tool chest has its own fixed position thanks to cut-outs in foam inserts. Standard tools are positioned directly within reach, and tools that are often used together are positioned alongside each other. This well thought-out arrangement alone reduces the time spent searching for, reaching for, tidying and checking tools by up to ten per cent. The inserts are for universal use, so the users can adapt them to their own needs. So that the user can immediately see which tool belongs where, the cut-outs can be labelled using MultiCard markers and QR codes. And at the end of the working day, he can see immediately whether any tools are missing, and which ones they are. These markings also link to the online catalogue containing all the relevant technical data.

The tool chest can be arranged according to individual needs and can also be equipped with machines and printers. The three-part foam inserts enable application-specific drawer layouts. Thanks to the standard perforated panels on both sides as well as an optional perforated panel at the rear, additional elements can also be attached. The user therefore has a mobile production island that is adapted to his processes – in the standard Weidmüller quality.


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