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New Training Course Enhances Business Opportunities for Eaton Channel Partners

Partner Advantage Programme trainingEaton has launched its new Partner Advantage Programme training and development courses specifically designed to help the company’s channel partners enhance the success and profitability of their businesses while providing even better service and support to end users of Eaton equipment.

“Providing high-quality training for our business partners is a key part of our corporate strategy,” said Alan Birks of Eaton. “Eaton is undoubtedly one of the most innovative companies in the electrical sector, so regular training is essential to keep our partners up to date with the latest developments. The training gives them an invaluable opportunity to increase their turnover and profit by offering these new developments to their customers. There’s also a big benefit for the individuals who receive the training, as it can significantly boost their career development.”

For Power Distribution partners, the Eaton training sessions provide a general introduction to circuit protection as well as to equipment for residential and commercial electrical installations. They also offer hands-on experience with panel boards, distribution boards, consumer units and timers, as well a chance to learn about the latest in home automation systems.

For Industrial Automation and Control partners, Eaton’s new training calendar features basic courses covering subjects that include catalogue resources, control gear basics, solution selling, control circuit devices, contactors and overload devices and rotary switches. The basic courses are complemented by advanced courses covering intelligent relays, sensors, soft starters, variable speed drives and circuit breakers. The advanced course also includes an introduction to standards and directives.

For Automation Solution partners, Eaton’s training courses once again provide detailed coverage of lean automation, together with variable speed drives and circuit breakers. The solution partner courses also include consideration of low-voltage assemblies, including switchboards and enclosures.

All courses, which each last one day, are presented by Eaton industry experts at the company’s new Experience Centre in Manchester, which incorporates well-equipped purpose-built training facilities. Dates, further details of course content and booking information can be obtained by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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