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Easy Retrofitting of Current Measuring Technology

PACT RCP current transformersThe Phoenix Contact PACT RCP current transformers for retrofitting offer a time-saving and space-saving alternative to split core current transformers.

Expensive downtimes are reduced to a minimum as system parts do not have to be removed for installation.
The measuring system consists of a Rogowski coil and a retrofitted measuring transducer. The flexible measuring coil can be fitted around the conductor, even where space is limited. Unlike with split core current transformers, the current strength does not affect the size and weight of the coil form. Alternating currents of up to 4000 A can be acquired using a single handy coil type. Dangerous open circuit voltages, which could damage the transformer or a pose a risk to personnel, cannot occur.

The measuring transducer transforms the output signal from the Rogowski coil into a typical secondary current for further processing as supplied by a standard current transformer. The signal is output with phase accuracy over a frequency range from 10 to 5000 Hz. Harmonics and transients are therefore also recorded accurately. For universal use, eight current measuring ranges can be set per DIP switch.
The optional holding device ensures the coil is secured in place and optimally aligned even on very hot power rails. Depending on the dimensions of the live conductors, three sets are available with different coil lengths.

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