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New Low Profile Current Transformers From SACI

saci ctsSACI has recently launched its new range of low profile current transformers for primary currents between 30A and 4000A, with class 0.5, 1 and 3 accuracy.

The low profile means a reduction in distance between the wires and makes them ideally suited for use in switchboards and electrical panel enclosures.
Reduction of the burden (VA) also means they are ideal for use with digital instrumentation.

•    A double terminal with M5 screws allows the secondary to be shorted during installation.
•    Sealable terminal covers with flaps prevent access once installed.
•    Improved fixings, and easy installation helping to save time and costs.

The new range includes a version of 3-in-1 current transformers which combines 3 traditional CTs in one moulded case.  References; TU20PS-3 and TU30PS-3. Rather than having 3 individual current transformers, the new 3-in1 unit can be installed instead helping to save installation time and cost.

3 in 1 ctThe 3-in-1 range is for primary currents between 30A and 600A with 5A secondary nominal currents, and offers class 0.5 accuracy.

More information and datasheets are available on our website


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