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Megger Provides The Complete Solution For MV Cable Test And Diagnostics

TDM 45Megger’s versatile new TDM 45 series test sets conveniently provide high power cable testing, cable diagnosis and sheath testing in a single device.

Designed for use with medium voltage cables and capable of providing test voltages up to 45 kV, these innovative test sets feature a modular design which means that users need only purchase the modules required for their own specific application.

The VLF Sinus 45 kV base module in the TDM 45 range can generate sine wave, rectangular and DC test voltages. It provides facilities for performing VLF withstand tests in line with IEC and IEEE standards, as well as for DC testing, sheath testing in line with IEC 60229 and, when used in conjunction with a step voltage probe, sheath-fault pinpointing. The smart VLF system used in the TDM 45 automatically adjusts the test frequency to the cable length, which makes testing fast, easy and reliable.

An internally fitted Tan Delta option can be specified for the base module, which allows cable condition and integrity to be assessed without the need for an external computer. Automatic result interpretation based on IEEE 400.2 guidelines is also supported.

For cables that are too long for standards compliant testing to be performed with the base module and for applications where a wider choice of test voltage waveforms is needed, the TDM 45 VLF booster module is available. This allows cables up to 20 km long to be tested easily at the standard frequency of 0.1 Hz. This module also expands the scope of the instrument to include support for damped AC (DAC) test voltages, and for 50 Hz Slope testing technology.

The third module in Megger’s new TDM 45 range is the PDS 60 partial discharge module, which, for the first time, makes it possible to immediately locate faults in underground cables during actual PD measurement.

The PDS 60 can be used with just the base module, when it allows PD measurements to be made with sinusoidal voltages. Alternatively, when the PDS 60 is used with the base module and the boost module, PD measurements can also be made with the damped AC and 50 Hz slope technology, which has the benefit of producing PD results that are closely comparable with those that would be obtained by testing at power frequency.

Test sets in the TDM 45 range feature intuitive operating software and a large internal memory. Clear and logical on-screen instructions guide the user through the entire measurement process, allowing even advanced features to be accessed with ease. All data and test results are stored automatically and can be easily exported and processed for report generation using Megger’s Easyprot software, a copy of which is supplied with the test set.


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