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Megger Ohmmeter Tests Transformers With Speed And Safety

MTO250 transformer ohmmeterWith the capability of testing two windings simultaneously, Megger’s new MTO250 transformer ohmmeters reduce the time needed for testing by up to 50% compared with conventional instruments, making them an ideal choice for field and factory testing of current transformers, potential transformers and power transformer windings.

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UK Power Quality Expert Sets Benchmark for Compact Medical Transformer

Unimed TransformerPower quality specialist REO UK has today launched a new compact transformer for use in medical applications. The REO Unimed is designed to overcome the growing challenge faced by doctors and nurses in ensuring medical setups meet European safety and performance standards to protect patients, especially those on life-critical machines.

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REO's Patent Makes Waves in Industry

REO ChokeIn a move which will further solidify its status as a leading manufacturer of high quality power equipment, REO UK has obtained a patent for the water cooling and encapsulation of chokes.

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