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Eaton Applies for Title of World’s Most Environmentally Friendly UPS

Eaton 93PM UPSPower management company Eaton has successfully confirmed the exceptional environmental performance of its new 93PM uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) by commissioning a detailed life cycle analysis (LCA) for these innovative products.

The independently audited LCA suggests that products in the 93PM range, which are available now throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), are strong contenders for the title of the world’s most environmentally friendly UPSs.

Carried out in line with the guidelines provided in ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, the LCA covers every phase of manufacturing, transport, use and disposal of the UPS, from cradle to grave, using reliable data with traceable sources. A particularly important aspect of its findings is that the largest environmental impact relates to the ‘in-use’ phase, and that the magnitude of this impact relates directly to the efficiency of the UPS. The Energy Saver System (ESS) operating mode offered by 93PM UPSs is subsequently confirmed as a very significant factor in minimising their overall environmental impact.

“It’s easy for suppliers to make vague claims about the environmental impact of their products,” said Jorge Aguinaga, Product Line Manager at Eaton, “but we believe our customers deserve reliable factual data on which to base their decisions. That’s why we have made a big investment in this LCA, in having it independently audited, and in producing an in-depth report on its findings. No one need take our word for the outstanding environmental performance of the 93PM, because a detailed summary report is also available as a free download for anyone who wants to read it.”
Containing full details of the LCA, including methodology, data sources, methods of analysis, results and conclusions, the summary report can be downloaded from the Eaton website at

UPSs in the 93PM range are available with power ratings up to 200 kW, and offer market-leading energy efficiency of up to 99% when operating in ESS mode and unmatched energy efficiency of up to 97% in double conversion mode. They also feature Eaton’s patented Hot Sync® wireless paralleling technology, which allows them to be operated in parallel without compromising resilience and reliability, and a power factor of 1.0 which means that they deliver the maximum possible useful power for a given rating. The modular design of the 93PM also offers simple and cost-effective scalability to help enable users to reduce CapEx and take a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ approach.


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