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Socomec SUNSYS PCS² Energy Storage Conversion System Judged “outstanding” by Global Power Business

SUNSYS PCS2Socomec SUNSYS PCS² energy storage conversion system judged “outstanding” by global power business, Enel, following a rigorous test programme.

Integrated power specialist, Socomec, has developed a range of modular and flexible systems that convert and store energy in order to provide ancillary services, such as voltage and frequency regulation, required by utilities to support the grid.

Successfully deployed as part of a number of progressive European smart grid demonstrators, Socomec has most recently demonstrated its expertise in power conversion for energy storage following analysis performed at Enel’s research centre in Livorno, Italy.

Socomec sunsys under testThe test programme simulated a smart grid with integrated diesel generator, with both on- and off-grid operating modes. The analysis was performed with Socomec’s SUNSYS PCS² 66TR; housed in a cabinet rated to IP65 - produced specifically for the project - to include both the converter and lithium-ion 78 kWh battery rack.

Historically, tests focused on battery performance, but testing the batteries in conjunction with Socomec’s SUNSYS PCS2 revealed the positive impact of the power converter upon the overall performance of a complete energy storage solution.  The results show that the Socomec SUNSYS PCS² outperforms the pre-determined criteria and has been declared “very positive”. Furthermore, as a result of the flexible and modular architecture – and Dynamic Power Control functionality - the system optimizes overall efficiency by using only the power modules that it requires. In the case of a partial load, fewer modules are used – increasing efficiency – by using only the required quantity of 33kW power bricks.”

The modular architecture delivers the highest levels of availability – even in the case of failure or maintenance.  

Flexible, modular and easy to maintain, this energy storage solution can be deployed to support the stabilisation of the grid to manage efficively the consumption and the production of renewable energy.

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