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Socomec’s Integrated Power Solutions On Show At Data Centre World

Delphys XtendAvailability and efficiency are fundamental to the ongoing, optimised performance of mission critical facilities – and are becoming increasingly important for today’s hard working electrical infrastructures where costly downtime and interrupted service is simply not an option.

For those responsible, guaranteed uptime and availability means taking control of all aspects of system design and operation - as well as energy usage.  The delivery of a reliable, safe, high quality power supply – for even the most demanding applications – means that business continuity can be guaranteed, and critical assets are protected.

Addressing the most important industry challenges today, the latest product developments being showcased by Socomec at Data Centre World deliver a specialized and inter-disciplinary approach to provide high performance, reliable and cost-effective power solutions that are flexible enough to be scaled to meet the rapidly changing demands of Data Centres.

Scalable solutions – for all shapes and sizes
Colin Dean, Managing Director, Socomec, explains “A modular architecture is the foundation of a flexible, agile Data Centre.  On-demand capacity adjustments combined with secure scaling and zero downtime are compelling components of a modern electrical infrastructure.”

MODULYS GP 2.0Modulys GP represents the next generation of UPS - this fully modular solution – available from 25 to 600 kVA/kW - guarantees business continuity thanks to its totally redundant design, with no single point of failure.  End of life criticality is eliminated as the system is futureproof, and capacity can be aligned to business demand.

Rack-mounted modular UPS - for easy, fully-assured and time-saving integration
An extension of the Modulys GP, the RM is a modular, rack-mounted UPS that can address short-term capacity issues whilst meeting longer term growth requirements, delivering reliable power whilst ensuring load protection - even during power upgrades or maintenance procedures.

A 3-phase modular UPS designed for 19” rack integration across multiple applications, the system is easy to integrate and install whilst simple to manage and maintain.  It provides maximum availability and power protection in a compact design - leaving space for other rack-mounted devices.


A scalable concept – for larger data centre applications
Socomec’s latest addition to its range of Green Power 2.0 UPS solutions – the Delphys Xtend – has been developed specifically for large scale data centres.

Colin Dean explains; “The benefits of a scalable power supply include the optimisation of employed capital, system agility and energy consumption.  Initial investment costs are minimised and extension costs are reduced.  Installation time during expansion is reduced and extensions are seamless, even during normal operation, with no costly downtime and a fast MTTR.  The deferred investment reduces the overall lifecycle cost – with no overcapacity.”

Delphys XtendAvailable from 200kW up to 2.4MVA , the Delphys Xtend provides a complete and scalable high performance system that is easy to extend – safely. The load is protected by online double conversion during system extension or maintenance which means that intervention is safe for both operators as well as the load.  This prewired system has localised switches for unit coupling and disconnection as well as an integrated “hot-plug” function.
Advanced switching solutions

Furthermore, Socomec’s new INOSYS load-break switching range with trip function has been designed for ease of installation, low cost of maintenance and floor space optimisation. In particular it addresses the increasing requirement for DC on-load switching for batteries and distribution.

Identified as being the most advanced and reliable available today, Socomec’s switching solutions provide robust, cohesive support to critical buildings and infrastructure and are deployed in the most demanding operating environments around the world.

The Socomec ATS Bypass incorporates Socomec’s proven ATyS automatic transfer switching technology, combined with a maintenance bypass system to allow any testing or inspection procedures to be carried out safely – without interruption to the load – guaranteeing power availability to critical loads at all times.  

The complete system has been designed, manufactured and tested by Socomec.  Fully third party certified to IEC 61439, the bypass allows the system to also meet the ATS requirements of BS8519.

In the event of a mains failure, the ATS Bypass will transfer to the backup supply.  The status of the supplies and the system are monitored remotely by the building management system, delivering optimum efficiency.

A new performance standard in energy efficiency
The efficient management of energy costs starts with the accurate measurement and centralised monitoring of energy consumption across the entire estate.

The latest monitoring and metering solutions can improve system efficiency whilst minimising design budgets – making the most of limited space available whilst also optimising performance, introducing flexibility and maintaining business continuity.  

DIRIS DIGIWARESocomec’s Diris Digiware has been designed to meet these demands.  A fully digital, multi-circuit plug and play measurement concept, with a common display for multi-circuit systems, Digiware offers an accuracy of class 0.5 to IEC61557-12 from 2% to 120% of the current sensor primary rating.  Compact and quick to install, it provides the industry’s most accurate and effective metering, measurement and monitoring of electrical energy quality.  Infinitely scalable, it is capable of monitoring thousands of connection points.

Increased resilience
The latest addition to the range is Socomec’s Diris Q800 – a multifunction network analyser that actively ensures the electrical system runs continuously and at optimized rates.  By measuring electrical parameters and status, analysing the quality of power according to IEC 61000-4-30 class A, and measuring differential current – whist also providing GPS synchronization – downtime and associated production losses are minimized, efficiency is improved and running and maintenance costs are optimized.

Easy to integrate, with multiple communications channels, the large colour touchscreen and embedded webserver makes this system simple to operate.

To learn how Socomec could deliver availability and scalability to your new or existing infrastructure, visit the team at Data Centre World, March 15th – 16th, stand J50.

Take the Digiware challenge!  Visit the Socomec team at Data Centre World to experience for yourself how quick and easy it is to build the world’s most advanced metering solution. The fastest build will win an Apple iPad mini!

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