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ABB Adds A New Member To Its Family Of Capacitor Shelves That Improve Power Quality In Industrial And Commercial Networks

compact QS4ABB’s new QS4 capacitor shelf provides panel builders with up to 100 (kilovolt-amp reactive) capacity in a compact space-saving design

ABB has extended its QS range of modular capacitor shelves for industrial and commercial segment panel builders with the new compact QS4 design that packs 100 of capacity into a 600 x 600 mm footprint. This reduces the overall panel size by up to 200 mm. The QS range now includes four units, with the QS4 joining the successful QS1, QS2 and QS3 units. The units are designed for straightforward installation and ensure exceptional reliability and efficiency during operations.

Loads such as motors, pumps and fans have a low power factor, which is the ratio of ‘real’ power that does the work in a network to the ‘apparent’ power which is the total power that is drawn from the supply. Low power leads to several power quality issues like increased system losses and consequently lower plant efficiency, a possible inability for large loads to start up due to excessive reactive power demand and consequent voltage drop, excessive loading of feeding transformers even if the active power demand is within transformer limitations, and even financial penalties from utilities. Capacitor shelves from ABB improve the power factor of the network and enable panel builders to implement cost effective power quality solutions for their customers.

The QS shelf range is based on ABB’s proven technology of cylindrical capacitors QCap. They are offered in a modular format for easy integration by panel builders in low voltage distribution panels and switchboards as per IEC 60831-1 standard.

The QS4 units are produced in ABB’s Bromborough facility and meet the specific needs of panel builders who need to reduce the overall footprint of their panels.A QS4 unit consists of four 25 capacitors and a detuning reactor providing 100 capacity in a compact footprint.

“The new QS4 unit demonstrates the capability of our specialist Bromborough Power Quality Center to develop innovative designs to suit specific customer needs,” says Steve Joyce, ABB Power Quality Business Manager. “We were approached by a switchgear manufacturer that liked the reliability and efficiency of the but needed to save space. Hence the QS4 design. As well as generating an immediate order for 42 units we are now rolling the QS4 out as a solution for all our customers and it is already generating interest from export customers.”


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