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LINK-UPS, A 24/7 Remote Monitoring Service That Keeps Mission-critical UPS Equipment Connected To Socomec’s Technical Service Centre

remote monitoringCritical infrastructure makes use of UPS systems to ensure service continuity. It is therefore vital to anticipate any electrical fault, component defect or system anomaly that may occur on the equipment.

In addition to the standard preventive maintenance, SOCOMEC, specialists in high-availability power supplies offers its customers a 24/7 remote monitoring service for their UPS.

The perfect addition to preventive maintenance
Maintenance work carried out by the manufacturer is the best way to prevent malfunctions. But even so, UPS equipment is not immune to failure or unpredictable anomalies that may affect its performance. In such cases the response time is a key factor in avoiding any negative impact on critical applications.

Round-the-clock remote monitoring
link upsLINK-UPS is the remote monitoring solution from SOCOMEC that assures 24/7 connection between the UPS system and the nearest SOCOMEC technical support centre. Combined with a maintenance contract, LINK-UPS enables SOCOMEC engineers to constantly monitor UPS parameters and act quickly in case of anomaly. Remote connection is assured via the customer’s LAN or via GPRS, and both can be combined.

LINK-UPS provides regular updates on the operating status of the UPS. With this high level of monitoring, SOCOMEC’s Technical Support Centre may propose technical recommendations to improve system quality

Immediate action for alarm
As soon as a parameter exceeds the permitted tolerance, LINK-UPS instantly sends an alarm notification to the SOCOMEC Technical Support Centre where engineers can quickly make an accurate diagnosis and implement the appropriate troubleshooting procedures. In the digital age, internet connection between machine and the various ways of sending alerts (Smartphone, SMS, email) has never been quicker.

LINK-UPS improves:
• System availability
• Accurate diagnostics

LINK-UPS reduces:
• The mean time to repair (MTTR)
• Operating expenditure (OPEX)

Socomec Expert Services
Socomec is committed to deliver a wide range of value added services to ensure the availability of your critical installation, the safety of your site operations and the performance optimisation of your low voltage equipment during its life cycle. The expertise and proximity of our specialists are there to ensure the reliability and durability of your equipment.
• Nearly 400 Socomec experts onsite and a network of over 200 partner engineers
• 10 branch offices in France, 12 subsidiaries in Europe and 8 subsidiaries in Asia
• Present in over 70 countries via authorised distributors.


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