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Keeping The Power On With Socomec’s Next Generation UPS, Transfer Switches And Power Monitoring

Socomec Transfer Switch RanThe latest developments from Socomec - showcased at Data Centre World 2018 – are delivering smarter data centres – with sustainable and intelligent energy solutions.

Equipped for the smart data centres of today – and tomorrow – Socomec’s product developments are connecting the world of energy with the digital revolution to help reduce installation costs and improve performance levels, securing power and making energy management simple across critical applications.

Transformational change
The digital industrial revolution is creating a new breed of electrical ecosystem. The integration and consolidation of existing solutions – along with the introduction of new digital technologies – is creating a more flexible and joined-up industrial model.

The drive towards common digital architectures is maximising the potential value of the IoT - the result is unsurpassed efficiency including the benefits of more automated, centralised systems.

Furthermore, the integration of advanced analytics with the wider digital infrastructure can drive improvements in quality in timescales more compressed than ever before.

Global power management expert, Socomec, is driving a stream of innovation in this field – specifically engineered to guarantee the performance of the new electrical ecosystem.

Colin Dean, Managing Director of Socomec UK explains; “Power continuity, reliability and optimised efficiency are key drivers of competitiveness – in an increasingly competitive environment. To remain relevant, every single component within an electrical infrastructure needs to deliver beyond our expectations. We demand – and we require - unprecedented performance. We also expect the latest innovations to seamlessly integrate into an existing architecture, whilst being robust and flexible enough to cope with an unknown future state.

“We all have supercomputers in our pockets - connectivity has become the norm. Offline is simply not an option; for any organisation. The consequences of downtime are far reaching and can impact public safety, as well as business continuity. We work closely with our partners across all critical applications to guarantee high performance power supplies to achieve maximum operational uptime – as well as delivering a fast return on investment.”

Power – secured
Constant power availability can be guaranteed by Socomec’s range of manual, remote, automatic and static transfer switching equipment (TSE) – ensuring that activity is safe and efficient. Fully compliant with Class PC of IEC 60947-6-1, the international product standard for TSE, this 5th generation portfolio of TSE offers the widest range available today – and is adaptable to all installations, sources and loads.

Evolved in line with the market over the last 70 years, over 3,000,000 Socomec TSE systems are now deployed in critical low voltage applications around the world.

Availability – guaranteed
Socomec masterys gp4For maximum availability, Socomec has combined the most compelling aspects of proven Masterys UPS technology with intelligent tech to create the smartest UPS yet - the fourth generation Masterys GP 4 UPS is a true digital native, ready for Industry 4.0.

Augmented Reality: UPS recognition and data acquisition
By integrating smart technology within an electrical infrastructure, Socomec’s Masterys GP 4 (GP4?) drives a reduction in energy consumption, costs and emissions and makes the deployment of resources more efficient.
E-WIRE – the first mobile phone app specifically designed to support UPS installations using augmented reality technology - simplifies the installer’s job, improves power supply reliability and ensures operator safety.

As part of a comprehensive range, Socomec’s Masterys solutions have been engineered to be customised for every budget – including the needs of existing installations. Furthermore, with continuous and expert web monitoring of performance, predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance services can be deployed.

Smart energy management
For smart and connected energy management, it is now possible to more precisely monitor protective devices - remotely and in real time - across the entire electrical installation – without any wiring or additional equipment.

Socomec Power MonitoringSocomec’s Diris A40 and Diris Digiware power monitoring solutions guarantee the availability and safety of the electrical installation, whilst also monitoring performance, checking power quality and managing loads.

With the simplest possible integration, the Diris A40 is easy to fit within new and existing installations. Assisted configuration cuts the commissioning time by half whilst also guaranteeing reliability. Furthermore, the connection to the Cloud means that data can be automatically exported for remote processing.

The future of measurement has now been reinvented, with three additional new solutions available with both the Diris D40 and Diris Digiware systems for unsurpassed levels of accuracy.

• PreciSense guarantees measurement accuracy across the global measurement chain and will determine relevant corrective actions.
• VirtualMonitor provides real-time monitoring of protective devices, across the entire installation, without additional hardware or wiring.
• AutoCorrect will guarantee that the measurement system is working correctly, with automatic wiring control and error correction, also being available off-load.

With continuous remote monitoring technology, it is possible to detect anomalies and take corrective or remedial action, averting possible malfunctions.

Colin Dean comments; “We are all adapting to change every single day – but at Socomec, we invest and work hard to help our customers manage the effects of that change more easily and efficiently, by innovating for tomorrow’s world. We are taking the most relevant and powerful aspects of new technology to design and develop products and services that not only delivery the best possible performance today, but have real agility engineered-in.”

To guarantee that your electrical infrastructure is always on – and to explore the latest energy management solutions – visit the Socomec team at Data Centre World 21-22 Excel Stand D840 Contact Us 00 44 1285 86 33 00 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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