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Cutting-edge Power Management Industry

power rmanagementIndustrial power supplies have always had to fulfil certain basic requirements, such as high energy efficiency and durability. These are the areas in which devices developed for industrial use particularly excel.

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terminal manufactureThese days, you can get just about anything online. Want a tasty meal, cooked to your requirements and delivered fast? Yes, you can get that online. But what about a DIN-rail assembly with, perhaps, a side order of a customised enclosure? You can now get those online as well, says Peter Croucher of Weidmüller UK.

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Weidmüller Tool Chest With Variable Tool Inserts

Tool Chest InlaysTime-savings through standardisation of workstations – Three-part foam inserts for application-specific drawer layouts – Labelling fields with QR codes for quick identification of missing parts – Option to extend with add-on parts

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