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This White Paper is divided into three main parts:
−− components used for wiring: this part gives a description of the components mentioned in this paper;
−− ABB SACE offer: this part offers a panorama of the connection terminals of ABB SACE circuit-breakers:
−− wiring cable–terminal-circuit-breaker: making use of userfriendly tables this part gives information about the cable/ bar connection to the ABB circuit-breakers (maximum cross-section in relation to the terminal, tightening according to the cable size, etc.).

Socomec Sicon UPS in collaboration with Pentadyne

Background: A flywheel system is essentially a dynamic battery that stores energy mechanically in the form of kinetic energy by spinning a mass about an axis. Electrical input spins the flywheel rotor and keeps it spinning 24/7 until called upon to release the stored
energy through a generator, such as a reluctance motor generator. The amount of energy available and its duration is governed by the flywheel mass and speed.

“The concept of Green is a marketing invention”. This statement more or less embodies a widespread belief that marketing is solely capable of creating or inventing necessities which do not exist. So how can such an empty concept persist for so long, mobilising governments, manufacturers and consumers?

The aim of this analysis is to clarify the environmental impacts of high-availability architectures, illustrating the basic concepts.

Battery Management - Reducing battery costs
One of the most delicate components of a UPS, which certainly plays a crucial role in its overall reliability, is the accumulator battery. Today, the technology available enables its life to be prolonged and thus the total cost of ownership of a UPS to be reduced.

Maintenance as a tool to increase the electric power availability, reduce running costs and prevent damage to people and property

This white paper explores key issues to consider when selecting a UPS service offering and service provider. It also examines some of the top features to look for when evaluating UPS service plans, and discusses the importance of supplementing emergency assistance with preventive maintenance.

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