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Wieland’s New Safety Light Curtain Offers Faster Commissioning, Operation & Service

Wieland safety light curtainWieland Electric’s SLC series of safety light curtains has been designed to protect operators from dangerous areas or as an access control against unauthorised trespassing.

Wieland’s New Safety Light Curtain Offers Faster Commissioning, Operation & Servic. Easy connection is achieved via standard M12 connection technology, whilst fast installation and removal of the guards on the machine is achievable due to system configuration being done in the control cabinet.

When using multiple systems, mutual interference is avoided by using the adjustable range reduction feature, and the integrated double scan technology eliminates the risk of unnecessary shutdown even in harsh environments.

Operating temperature range for the SLC series is from -30°C to +55°C so they can be used even in the most adverse environments.

Planning of safeguards is simplified and there is less type diversity because every SLC safety light curtain from 0 m to the maximum range can be utilised. Setting of parameters is done without PC or DIP switch and is carried out through simple wiring in the control cabinet. The 3-zone alignment indicator reduces assembly time and simplifies set up. The SLC Series has a robust aluminium IP67 rated, rigid housing that aids adjustment and helps to ensure reliable operation.

The clear diagnostic and status messages in the 7-segment display means shorter downtimes, whilst cable lengths up to 100m with unshielded connection cables gives greater operational flexibility and reduced costs even under difficult EMC conditions. The beam resolutions available on the SLC Series is 14, 20, 30, 40 and 90 mm and protection field heights are from 150 – 1800 mm. The wide range of products in the SLC series allows optimal and cost-effective design of protective devices.

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