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Wieland’s New selosWRT – Fast and Reliable Wiring with Reduced Maintenance

Wieland Selos WRTWielands new selos WRT high current terminals have been engineered for safe and maintenance free energy transmission when connecting conductors up to 300mm²/520A/1000V.

Featuring a rugged design and reliable touch protection, selos WRT is mounted on a mounting rail or mounting plate. The terminals have very few parts and feature a nut with integrated spring washer.

The high performance selos WRT terminals provide a maintenance-free screw connection and are vibration-proof according to railway standards. Cross connectors offer simple potential distribution up to nominal currents, whilst multiconductor connection is possible with 2 cable lugs per connection point.

The cover is easy to open and close and for test opening the selos WRT offers completely touch proof voltage measurement. The cover can be individually adapted on request. selos WRT is the latest product in the ultimately flexible selos family of terminal block systems, offering fast wiring with reduced costs


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