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Wieland’s Saris M8/M12 Connector Range - Fast, Safe Installation

Wieland sarisThe use of automation technology continues to grow, with sensors, actuators and controllers ensuring ever more efficient machinery processes.

With this in mind, Wieland’s saris M8/M12 connector range has been expanded to form a connector system for use with sensors and actuators, with or without fieldbus and suitable for network technology. The standard components of saris make it suitable for wiring small functional units or installing entire systems and for decentralized field installation between a PLC and sensors or actuators, making saris he ideal solution.

Wieland’s robust saris M8/M12 connector system makes decentralized installation child‘s play, with the installation effort significantly reduced by replacing cables laid in parallel with just one single main cable. The connectors are available in straight or angled design and with or without LED, whilst a variety of additional cables are also available. In addition to the pre-assembled cables, either shielded or unshielded, valve connectors and a large number of distributors are included in the range. The high protection of IP65/67 permits use in dusty and humid industrial environments or those with the possibility of mechanical stresses, such as shock or vibration.

Wieland’s saris range also offers defined and standard interfaces with fast, safe installation, thanks to the pre-assembled components. saris perfect for use in in automation applications, the machinery industry, packaging industry and warehousing and logistics.


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