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New Functions Added To Wieland’s Flare TIME Relays

Wieland flareflare TIME HM electronic timing relays and the flare CONTROL measuring and monitoring relays ranges have been expanded to include new products: the flare TIME HM8-2U-A universal multi-functional timing relay and the flare CONTROL IL-1-A and UL-1-A current and voltage measuring relay.

These relays not only offer the advantages of universal application in industrial automation, but their 22.5 mm width also makes them real place savers that can be applied over a wide range of temperatures.

flare TIME HM8-2U-A features 8 time ranges and 4 time and 4 special functions including stepping (inverted), watchdog and wiper interval. flare CONTROL IL-1-A and UL-1-A timing and monitoring relays have adjustable delay at lower-limit violation, whereby the upper and lower limits can be set separately, a multi-voltage range of 20.4 to 264 V AC / DC.

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