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Mind the boom! samosPRO Compact Provides Additional Safety For SOVEX

SovexThe use of Wieland Electric’s samosPRO Compact at SOVEX has reduced wiring, reduced installation time, lowered the complexity of the control system and provided seamless integration of safety with the control function.

The introduction of the SOVEX Bendy Boom vehicle loader meant three position modes which required additional safety, so Wieland’s engineers came up with a solution to swap out standalone safety and integrate a programmable system. This eliminated the need for more cable whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety and monitoring of positions.

SOVEX Belt Vehicle Loaders are ideal for loading bays and raised docks and, fixed in position, they offer the most robust solution available for inbound and outbound handling, loading or unloading 1200 parcels per hour from vans, trucks and containers up to 45ft. The award winning SOVEX Bendy Boom has a front boom which declines to -25° and also extends up to 15 meters into a trailer.

samosPRO controls movement of the Boom for in/out, up/down and integrates the safety functions of all the safety relays, including E-stop monitoring, position and limit safety, including time delays on the safety function of the samos Compact. The result is less wiring, less space needed, quicker installation time, lower complexity of the control system and seamless integration of the safety with the control function. With increased flexibility and standardization of the control, additional safety functions can be added without the requirement for additional hardware.

The SOVEX Bendy Boom and the high end standard M/C’s will also incorporate the data and some control out to a HMI utilising the samos Pro Compact ENI over both Modbus to a Schneider Megilis HMI or when specified on Profinet to the Siemens HMI.

Wieland have provided a CESE course (Certified Electrical Safety Engineers) to help engineers with programming and system training to assist with production speeds.


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